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Sudoku 2022 Gift Ideas

Sudoku Gift Ideas for Christmas 2021 Find that perfect gift for Sudoku-mad friends and family - a selection of calendars, diaries and books plus some fun Sudoku gift ideas for 2021.

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Another logic puzzle for Sudoku fans to try.

Sudoku is the addictive Japanese number puzzle craze that has swept the UK for the last 15 years!

There is only one rule in Sudoku: Fill in a nine by nine grid so that in each row, column and small square the digits 1 -9 appear only once! In less than a year Sudoku went from an obscure puzzle printed in a few publications to appearing in most British newspapers and rapidly appearing in others around the world.

Where does Sudoku come from?

Having started in a specialist US puzzle magazine, it was picked up by the puzzle-mad Japanese and appeared in several puzzle books in Japan.

Arriving in Britain in late 2004, the first puzzles were printed in The Times, and now you can also find them in The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, many regional newspapers and even The Sun. They are also published in newspapers in the US, Australia, Ireland, Eastern Europe, Canada and India, and the list is growing daily.

How do you play Sudoku?

Briefly, you are given a nine by nine grid which will have some of the numbers filled in already.

You have to fill in the grid so that in each row, column and small square the digits 1 -9 appear only once! In a ‘genuine’ Sudoku puzzle there will be no more than 30 numbers given and there may be much fewer – the less numbers you are given the harder the puzzle is.

Then use logic to work out where the rest of the numbers go.

So Why is Sudoku so Popular?

Contrary to what many people would have you believe, there are still lots of people who like to use their brains! Sudoku puzzles are absorbing without taking up too much time and can be designed with different degrees of difficulty.

They can offer just the right degree of frustration to give a real sense of achievement when completed. Teachers can give simplified versions to children to stretch their minds, yet the most difficult can tax the most experienced puzzle solver.

Sudoku 2022 Gift Ideas

Sudoku Gift Ideas
for Christmas 2021

Sudoku Quotes and Tips
Addictive is not a word that I would use.
Wayne Gould, Father of the current Sudoku craze.