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Sudoku Toys and Games

Games and toys featuring Sudoku puzzles.

The Sudoku Game

The Sudoku Game
This game is made by Winning Moves, makers of Top Trumps. It contains 100 original puzzles with 6 levels to master - Junior, Easy, Mild, Advanced, Fiendish and Samurai. You can battle your friends and family with up to 4 players, play a speed game or a points contest.

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Mensa Million Game Sudoku

Mensa Million Game Sudoku
From the home of braininess, Mensa, comes the electronic brain gym! One million sudoku puzzles in one hand-held game. You can also input the Sudoku from your newspaper and solve it at your leisure. Features save and recall, hint and clue functions, plus a built in timer for the ultimate challenge.


Rubik's Sudoku

Rubik's Sudoku
Solve the 100 puzzles that are included in the normal way or turn the numbered tiles over and solve the puzzle as a 'coloured' Sudoku. Comes in a handy travel case for Sudoku 'on the move'. Includes booklet with hints & tips for Sudoku plus the 100 puzzles and solutions

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"Picdoku" is a pictorial version of the popular Sudoku puzzle for children and adults. Includes 60 multi-level challenges - 12 puzzles, levels 1-5 and 2 sets of re-usable tokens. It is even made in the UK with recyclable materials.

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Code Sudoku

Code Sudoku
Sudoku with plastic number tiles and a plastic game console. Included are a plastic Sudoku game console, 81 plastic number tiles, 44 Sudoku puzzles with gradually increasing levels of difficulty, 2 mini-puzzles for beginners, a wipe-off pen, an eraser, a sand timer, the history of Sudoku, instructions, and strategies.

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Carol Vordermans SUDOKU - The Board Game

Carol Vorderman's SUDOKU - The Board Game
This game includes a system whereby players of different levels can play on equal terms.

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Sudoku The Board Game

SuDoku - The Board Game
This set from Paul Lamond Games is for 2-4 players aged 8 and upwards.

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Worlds Most Difficult Sudoku Jigsaw Puzzle

Worlds Most Difficult Sudoku Jigsaw Puzzle
This Game from Paul Lamond Games has 529 pieces and is double sided with the same artwork on either side.

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Times Sudoku Game

The Times Su Doku
Tantalize your brain in style with this deluxe game. It features new two player rules, you can challenge an opponent to a head to head battle of logic. It includes 100 new puzzles and four different levels of play - easy, mild, difficult and fiendish.

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Sudoku 2022 Gift Ideas

Sudoku Gift Ideas
for Christmas 2021

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Addictive is not a word that I would use.
Wayne Gould, Father of the current Sudoku craze.