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KenKen™ is a mathematical and logical puzzle loosely similar to sudoku. It was invented by a Japanese mathematics teacher Tetsuya Miyamoto as an 'instruction-free' method of training the brain and was later published in The Times in March 2008.

The objective is to fill a grid in with the digits 1 through 6 such that:

If you want to have a go you can find online puzzles at

Kenken Books

The "Times": KenKen: The New Brain-training Puzzle Phenomenon
Puzzle books by KenKen creator Tetsuya Miyamoto. Four books of puzzles available. From

Will Shortz Presents the Little Gift Book of Kenken
250 logic puzzles that make you smarter from the godfather of Sudoku. From and

Will Shortz Presents Kenken
100 logic puzzles that make you smarter. From and

The "Times": Junior KenKen:
Brain training for young minds by KenKen creator Tetsuya Miyamoto. From

Will Shortz Presents I Can KenKen!
KenKen helps children improve concentration, logic and arithmetic skills. and

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Sudoku Quotes and Tips
The great thing about these puzzles is that they have to be solved by pure logic, not luck. They can be frustrating, but the reward when you crack them is a great feeling.
Wayne Gould, Father of the current Sudoku craze.