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Sudoku Calendars, Diaries and Gifts 2022

Sudoku Gift Ideas 2022

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Are you looking for Sudoku related gifts? Here are some of 2022's best gifts for a Sudoku-mad friend or relative! With a selection of 2022 calendars, diaries and books plus some fun Sudoku gift ideas.

The Original Sudoku Page-A-Day Calendar 2022

Original Sudoku Page-A-Day Calendar 2022 will challenge your brain all year long with more than 300 ever-challenging Sudoku puzzles, each one handcrafted by the experts at Nikoli. Printed on FSC-certified paper and 100% recyclable.

Each puzzle is designed by humans, not computer-generated so that every page offers an intensive challenge that will keep you entertained all day, every day. Kick off the weekend with easier puzzles, then ramp up your skills to solve the increasingly difficult puzzles throughout the week.

Will Shortz Presents Outrageously Evil Sudoku

If you are looking for something for an advanced sudoku player, this Will Shortz Presents Outrageously Evil Sudoku: 100 Deviously Difficult Puzzles will let then go head-to-head with THE Puzzlemaster, Will Shortz, himself. Who will win?

Colour Cube Sudoku

The perfect way to introduce kids to sudoku is with this ThinkFun Color Cube Sudoku. Color Cube Sudoku uses colors rather than numbers so put your logical thinking to the test and complete the challenge! The aim is to flip and arrange the nine coloured cubes until no colors are repeated in any row or column.

Sounds easy? Well there are over two trillion different ways to position the coloured cubes but it is a challenge to find just one of the half a million possible solutions!

Ultimate Sudoku Boxed Daily Calendar 2022

The Ultimate Sudoku 2022 Boxed Daily Calendar will provide hours of entertainment while sharpening your mind. With a mix of puzzle variations to challenge all levels, such as IRREGULAR, DIAGONAL, and SUM SUDOKU, each page provides a unique puzzle to solve.

Ultimate Sudoku is the perfect calendar for those who enjoy testing their puzzle skills and strategies.

I Solve Sudoku Puzzles What's Your Super Power Mug

This fun mug would be a fantastic gift for a sudoku lover. With the slogan I Solve Sudoku Puzzles What's Your Super Power your favourite sudoku-er can enjoy a cup of tea while you settle down to solve today's puzzle.

Wooden Sudoku Board Game

The Wooden Sudoku Board Game with Drawer lets you do your favourite puzzle without needing a pencil and paper, and is endlessly reusable. It is designed with a drawer container, easy for storage and carry around and it has double-sided tiles for trial and error.

Sudoku Daily Desktop Calendar - 2022

The 2022 Sudoku Daily Desktop Calendar is a colorful daily desk calendar which is 5.5" x 5.5" and comes equipped with an easel to sit on your desk. Alternatively there is a cut out for hanging on your wall - you choose your display view.

The daily pages (weekends combined) easily tear off, have a Sudoku puzzle on the front and that day's puzzle answer on the reverse.

Today's Forecast Sudoku T-Shirt

A great stocking filler for a sudoku fan is this Today's Forecast 100% Chance of Sudoku T-Shirt. It's available in a choice of colours, sizes and fits.

Ridiculously Hard Sudoku Puzzle Book

The Ridiculously Hard Sudoku Puzzle Book is subtitled "300 Super Tough Puzzles That Will Keep Your Husband Or Wife Silent For The Next Decade Until They Give Up" this book is the perfect gift for the hardcore sudoku fan!

New York Times Touch Screen Sudoku Game

With a convenient ergonomic design the New York Times Touch Screen Sudoku Game is lightweight and small enough to bring anywhere. It contains more than 800 puzzles for you to solve and saves your game in memory. All these amazing games were selected by world renowned puzzle expert, Will Shortz. There are three levels of strategy - easy, medium or hard levels.

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Sudoku 2022 Gift Ideas

Sudoku Gift Ideas
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