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Kakuro Books

For Sudoku fans looking for a new challenge kakuro is the answer - already published in the Guardian and Daily Telegraph, these 'Number Crosswords' are increasing in popularity. They require Sudoku's logic with a small degree of mathematical skill.

The Kakuro Challenge
This book by Alister Chisholm contains 201 puzzles
Find The Kakuro Challenge at or
Kakuro for Dummies
By Andrew Heron, author of 'Sudoku for Dummies' this book features 240 puzzles along with tutorials on how to crack the puzzles.
Find Kakuro for Dummies at or
Little Book of Bathroom Kakuro
From Terry Stickels, the author of bathroom Sudoku comes 200 Original Cross-sums Puzzles for Brain-sharpening Entertainment.
Find Little Book of Bathroom Kakuro at or
The Original Kakuro Book
Form The Puzzle Society come 100 original puzzles.
Find The Original Kakuro Book at or
The Essential Book of Kakuro
- and how to solve it. By Gareth Moore this book contains over 100 puzzles plus 12 bonus Sudoku puzzles.
Find The Essential Book of Kakuro at or
The Virgin Book of Kakuro
In this bumper book of all-new Kakuro, there are 100 puzzles divided into three difficulty ratings - including some fiendishly difficult ones.
Find The Virgin Book of Kakuro at or
The Guardian Book of Kakuro
Features over 100 different puzzles, graduating from 40 simple ones to 20 odd of medium difficulty and then finally featuring some really tough ones! Each puzzle has been hand crafted and is wholly original.
Find The Guardian Book of Kakuro at or
Killer Kakuro
From The Independant's Sudoku puzzle setter Mark Huckvale comes this book of 200 new tough kakuro puzzles!
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The Kid's Book of Kakuro
From Gareth Moore, this book has 100 puzzles for children, with helpful tips on solving them.
Find The Kid's Book of Kakuro at
Ultimate Kakuro
From Sudoku compiler extraodinare comes this collection of 201 puzzles with four levels - Piece of Cake, Tea Break, Lunch Break, and All Nighter!
Find Ultimate Kakuro at

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