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Easter Sudoku

Easter Sudoku

Image Credit: Annie Spratt/Jacqui O'Brien

Spring is in the air! Bunnies are bouncing and chicks are chirping! Green shoots are appearing on the trees!

Well, maybe it is not that warm yet, but as Easter approaches, why not have some spring Sudoku fun with some Easter Sudoku puzzles?

There are books of Easter sudoku puzzles available, Easter-themed Sudoku apps and and even online easter Sudoku games to play.

Don't you think a book of Easter Sudoku Puzzles would make a great Easter gift for a Sudoku fan? Much better for your teeth than chocolate!

Easter Sudoku Books

Happy Easter Sudoku - 276 Logic Puzzles

Hard Sudokus which should keep you puzzling for the whole Easter weekend! 216 Sudoku grids along with 60 extra logic puzzles.

Junior Su Doku Easter

Sudoku is a great way of keeping your brain active - so get the kids hooked while they are young! This book has 140 puzzles aimed at kids 8 years and above.

Easter Sudoku Puzzles: Learn Math Skills the Fun Way!

These Sudoku puzzles feature not numbers but Rabbit images. Easter fun for all the family. The set includes more than 100 stickers for completing the 12 puzzles included.

Easter Sudoku Apps

Easter Sudoku App

This Easter app features four levels of difficulty on a beautiful blue board with Easter egg numbers! You can play thousands of sudoku games with Easter Sudoku. It can be Easter all year round! This is also available for free on Google Play.

Online Easter Sudoku Games

Easter Sudoku Game - This is the app listed above, which you can play online for free.

Easter Sudoku - Cute game with bunnies, daffodils, eggs, chicks and more.

Primary Games - Easter Sudoku game for kids with cute smiley eggs.

Easter Sudoku Printables

Mathsticks - Educational website with a set of three 6 by 6 Sudoku grids featuring Easter Eggs instead of numbers.

Gift of Curiosity - Printable 4 by 4 Sudoku boards with egg tiles to get young children into Sudoku.

Have A Happy Sudoku-ing Easter!

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