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Sudoku for Games Consoles

Go! Sudoku
For PSP, this comes fully loaded with 1,000 brand new puzzles and will have additional puzzles available for download. With four levels of difficultly from easy to fiendish, multiplayer games, a tutorial, training and an innovative help system for novices.
Find Go! Sudoku at and Gameseek.
Dr Sudoku for GBA Dr Sudoku
For Game Boy Advance this features 1,000 hand created puzzles, you can create your own Sudoku puzzles, get help when you really are stuck, pencil in possible solutions.
Find Dr Sudoku at or
Sudoku Fever for Gameboy Advance
Sudoku Fever lets you take the fun and challenge of the latest hot puzzle game with your everywhere! Features hundreds of Sudoku puzzles, a special tutorial mode and a new help mode that "pencils in" possible solutions. It also includes a puzzle creation mode, so you can design your own Sudoku puzzles.
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Sudoku 2022 Gift Ideas

Sudoku Gift Ideas
for Christmas 2021

Sudoku Quotes and Tips
Sudoku is wonderful for shutting down other areas of mental activity
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