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Sudoku Gift Ideas Christmas 2018

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Discover the perfect Sudoku Christmas gifts for Sudoku-mad friends and family, with 2019 calendars, diaries and books and fun Sudoku gift ideas.

The Original Sudoku Page-A-Day Calendar 2019

The Original Sudoku Page-A-Day Calendar 2019

For classic sudoku fans, The Original Sudoku Page-A-Day Calendar 2019 has become an annual must have. It will challenge your brain all year long with more than 300 challenging Sudoku puzzles, each one handcrafted by the experts at Nikoli.

Each puzzle is in full-color and is designed by humans, not computer-generated so that every page offers an intensive challenge that will keep you entertained all day, every day. Kick off the weekend with easier puzzles, then ramp up your skills to solve the increasingly difficult puzzles throughout the week.

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Posh Sudoku Adult Coloring Book

Posh Sudoku Adult Coloring Book

Is your favourite sudoku fan also into the adult colouring trend too? Well they will LOVE this Posh Sudoku Adult Coloring Book which not only has has 100 sudoku puzzles to be solved, each page is beautifully decorated with designs that you can colour in when you get to a slightly tricky bit in the puzzle.

There are easy, medium, and hard difficulty level puzzles giving you hours of logic puzzle solving.

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Time Factory Sudoku Daily Desktop Calendar - 2019

The Time Factory Sudoku 2019 Daily Desktop Calendar is a colourful daily desk calendar which measures 5.5 x 5.5 inches and comes equipped with an easel to sit on your desk as well as a cut out for hanging on your wall - you choose your display view.

The daily pages (weekends have one puzzle) easily tear off, have a Sudoku puzzle on the front and that day's puzzle answer on the reverse - no peeking now!

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Sudoku Cube Puzzle

For someone who loves a real head-scratcher of a puzzle, this Rubik's Cube-style Sudoku Cube Puzzle game would make a fabulous gift!

Get the numbers 1 to 9 into the right order on each side of the puzzle.

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Sudoku for Christmas

Sudoku for Christmas has 100 pages of fun - 100 Sudoku puzzles with lots of strange (but true) facts about snowmen and snowflakes, the North Pole and South Pole, the Arctic and Antarctica, penguins and seals, as well as snowy white foxes, owls and hares.

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Sudoku T-Shirt Gift

Sudoku fanatics can let the world know just how much they love sudoku with this Sudoku T-Shirt Gift which bears the legend "I Only Do Sudoku On Days Which End In Y".

The T-shirt is available in black, blue, red green and grey and in sizes for men, women and teens.

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Pocket Posh Christmas Sudoku

Pocket Posh Christmas Sudoku is a lovely book of puzzles which are adorned in festive holiday designs. The book has 100 sudoku puzzles for hours of holiday fun - three difficulty levels are wrapped in an irresistible Christmas package!

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Wooden Sudoku Board Game

The Wooden Sudoku Board Game lets you do your favourite puzzle without needing a pencil and paper, and is endlessly reusable.

It comes complete with 100 puzzles to solve, but you can use this with any puzzle form your favourite newspaper, website or sudoku puzzle book.

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Sudoku Christmas Designer Toilet Paper

Clean up this Christmas with the Sudoku Christmas Designer Toilet Paper which consists of 200 sheets of Sudoku toilet paper - with a festive theme including trees, Christmas stockings and candy canes.

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