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Sudoku 2019 Gift Ideas

Sudoku Gift Ideas
for Christmas 2018

Sudoku Books from Newspapers

Here are a selection of Sudoku books on the market published by newspapers, so if you want more Sudoku than your paper offers, you can find even more here!

For Sudoku books by Carol Vorderman, Pete Sinden, Sam Griffiths-Jones, Will Shortz, Mark Huckvale and more click here  Advanced Sudoku Books.

Daily Telegraph Sudoku
Each Sudoku puzzle book from The Daily Telegraph contains brand new puzzles and are available in levels from 'easy' to 'fiendish' and 'Killer'.

Buy Daily Telegraph Sudoku books from or

The Times Su Doku
The original puzzle book from The Times, who started the whole craze off. Times Sudoku books give you a collection of 100 never-before-published puzzles ranked in order of difficulty. They have been created by Wayne Gould who sets the puzzle for The Times.

Buy The Times Su Doku books from or

New York Post Su Doku
By Wayne Gould, Sudoku Grand Master. Lots of books with 150 puzzles of varying levels including 'Difficult' and Fiendish'!

Buy New York Post Su Doku books from or

The Daily Mail Book of Sudoku
Each of these books from the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday contain 200 new puzzles.

Find The Daily Mail Book of Sudoku Books at

The Guardian Sudoku
Each book contains 100 original Guardian sudoku puzzles.

Find Guardian Sudoku Books at

Sudoku 2022 Gift Ideas

Sudoku Gift Ideas
for Christmas 2021

Sudoku Quotes and Tips
The only skill involved in sudoku is logical deduction. Cryptic crosswords require a fair amount of cultural knowledge; sudoku is cross-cultural.
Dr Anuj Dawar - Cambridge University