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Sudoku 2017

Here are some of 2017's best gifts for a Sudoku-mad friend or relative! 2017 calendars, diaries and books plus some fun Sudoku gift ideas.

Sudoku Colour Page-A-Day Calendar 2017

A year of top-of-the-line Sudoku for puzzle lovers. From Nikoli, the Japanese company that developed the addictive numbers game into an international phenomenon, this calendar delivers a year of visually appealing full-color puzzles that strike the perfect balance between challenge, solvability, and entertainment.

Generated by hand, not by computer, each is singularly elegant and intuitive like facing off against a master Sudoku maker, step by step.

The Times Sudoku Block Calendar 2017

The official Times Sudoku Calander for 2017 - with a free Sudoku fridge magnet!

The Times Sudoku 2017 daily desk calendar has a previously unpublished Sudoku challenge each day to keep you occupied, along with space for you to write down your appointments for the upcoming year.

Posh Sudoku 2017 Day-to-Day Calendar

This terribly posh 2016 desk calendar is jam packed with puzzles which range from easy to difficult.  

Each page of this decorative calendar features a different Sudoku puzzle, ranging from easy to difficult, with the answer on the back. With its colourful design and splash of design, Posh Sudoku makes problem solving fun and stylish.

Will Shortz Presents Snow Day Sudoku

200 Challenging Puzzles for thoses day when it's just too cold to go outside! OK, so snow days are not that common in the UK, but New York Times puzzle editor and Sudoku expert Will Shortz has put together this collections to keep you entertained on any day when it is better to stay indoors.

Rainy Day Sudoku maybe?!

The 2017 Sudoku Diary

Train your brain whilst planning and recording your important dates for the year ahead. You will be presented with one relaxing and one challenging puzzle for each of the 52 weeks.

These puzzles are perfect for a quick coffee break or when you have some quiet time, and will certainly put your puzzle solving skills to the test. This diary contains all UK Bank holidays and with a week-per-view planner on each spread, there is plenty of space to note all necessary information.

The 2017 Sudoku Puzzle-A-Day Calendar Book

365 Daily Puzzles that Gradually Increase from Easy to Hard.

No matter what your ability level, "The 2017 Sudoku Puzzle-A-Day Calendar Book" is sure to help to improve your logic and problem-solving skills. Plus, this giant volume will provide you with countless hours of fun!

Will Shortz Presents Keep Merry and Sudoku On

The perfect Sudoku Christmas gift!

Will Shortz has been the crossword puzzle editor of "The New York Times" since 1993. Mr. Shortz founded both the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, where he serves as director, and the World Puzzle Championship, where he is the captain of the U.S. team. He is the current Puzzlemaster for "Weekend Edition Sunday"on National Public Radio.

Mandala Sudoku

When you focus on solving a puzzle, the problems of the world seem to slip away. It's a meditative, Zen process - and these 272 elegant, intricate Sudoku, designed to resemble mandalas, engage both the eye and the mind in new ways.

Each page features four precisely arranged puzzles, with the numbers carefully selected to keep the Sudoku solvable and still maintain their symmetry. Perfect for medium-level solvers, this attractive collection is sure to soothe your soul as it feeds your brain.

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