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Sudoku 2015

Have you got a Sudoku-mad friend or relative? Here are some perfect gifts for you Sudoku loving friends and family, including 2015 calendars, diaries and books plus some fun Sudoku gift ideas.

Nikoli Calendar 2015

Nikoli Original Sudoku Calendar 2015
From the original Japanese publishers of Sudoku puzzles. This calendar provides you with a daily challenge in full color. It eases you in every Sunday with a less challenging puzzle, with the puzzles increasing in difficulty over the course of the week. 


Will Shortz Presents Sudoku 2015 Box
Shortz is the crossword editor of the New York Times and here you can try out some of his numerical masterpieces with 365 days of high class Sudoku. A full year of puzzle perfection! Can you Sudoku?


Sudoku Page-A-Day Notepad and 2015 Calendar
A daily puzzle fix, as well as a handy calendar and notepad all in one! Made by Nikoli, the Sudoku experts each page has a quote for inspiration too.  The hand-generated grids, which begin easy each weekend and increase in difficulty over the course of the week, are designed to balance toughness and fun.


Posh Sudoku 2015 Box
This ever so posh 2015 desk calendar is jam packed with puzzles which range from easy to difficult. Not only is it very attractive, each page contains not only a brilliant Sudoku puzzle but also daily facts, trivia, quizzes and jokes.

From and Waterstones.

Puzzling Sudoku A Day
Here are 365 Sudokus which would make a great gift for any occasion - brain teasers guaranteed! You can start on any day of the year! A great gift for the office, or to keep by the phone at home! Go on... put a smile on their face!

Available from Getting Personal or

Sudoku Diary 2015
Features a week per spread together with two puzzles to complete. Decorated elegantly throughout and bound in hardback with silver foil blocking and marker ribbon, this lovely book is functional, fun and brain-boosting.

Available from Waterstones and

Sudoku Deluxe Game
Solve the secret of Sudoku in style with this deluxe wooden Sudoku board. Setting up the puzzle is simple: place one of the printed puzzles under the grid or duplicate any puzzle on to the board using large tiles. Use the large tiles when you are sure a number belongs in that square or use the mini tiles for multiple possibilities. Comes with 100 games of varying difficulty.

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Sudoku Quotes and Tips
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