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Sudoku has been described as the biggest puzzle craze since the Rubik's Cube. So surely it was only a matter of time before the two were combined into one super puzzle!

Sudokube is a Rubik's cube with numbers, and to solve it you need to get one of each digit onto each face of the cube. Simple - or not as you will know if you have tried to do a Rubik's cube. I only ever completed one using a cheats book saying out loud 'two turns clockwise bottom, one turn anti clockwise left....' you get the picture.

So if you are looking for double the frustration of a Sudoku puzzle, or want to stump a Sudoku-mad pal this would be just the gift!

Sudokube is available from Prezzybox, or

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It's not just a puzzle, it's a work of beauty.
Wayne Gould, Father of the current Sudoku craze.