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Picture Sudoku

  • Emmy Nominee Sudoku
    From USA Today, possible the most difficult picture Sudoku we have found so far!
  • SuDocWho
    Sudoku game from the BBC featuring the first 9 Doctors (so no David Tennant - sorry!)
  • Shrek
    Official Shrek website has sudoku with Shrek characters. 3 levels of difficulty, and the more you get right, the harder the games get.
  • Claire's Sudoku
    Cute picture Sudoku from this Belgian website. The site is made in Flash so I can't translate it, but it looks like the pictures are characters from a series of Belgian comics.

Sudoku Quotes and Tips
I don't think the crossword puzzle will ever disappear. I don't think Sudoku will either.
Wayne Gould, Father of the current Sudoku craze.

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