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Online Sudoku Games - 2

  • Round Sudoku
    Sometimes called Target Sudoku or Circular Sudoku, has certain similarities to the traditional 9X9 grid; but when you try to solve it, you will find that it has a completely different dynamics of its own! More concentration is needed here.
  • Sudoku Games Online
    From the co-creator of Yahoo!Games a daily puzzle plus archive.
  • Braingle
    A nice flash version of Sudoku that can keep track of your best times on the high score list. The site also contains some solution strategies.
  • DoSudoku
    Online games where you can store your scores, sudoku assistant and a forum where you can share your puzzling successes and woes!
  • Logic Games Online
    Online Sudoku games, a solver and tutorial.
    UK Sudoku site with online puzzles including 16 x 16 and 25 x 25, printable puzzles and a solver.
    Puzzles available in English and German.
    Daily online puzzles ranging from easy to Fiendish, with a solver available too.
    Online Sudoku generator which will not let you make a mistake.
    Free Sudoku Generator and Workpad
  • Miniclip
    New puzzle every day, requires Flash

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Sudoku Quotes and Tips
The great thing about these puzzles is that they have to be solved by pure logic, not luck. They can be frustrating, but the reward when you crack them is a great feeling.
Wayne Gould, Father of the current Sudoku craze.

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