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Extreme Sudoku For Dummies

Extreme Sudoku For Dummies

The 'For Dummies' series have just release the next stage book for sudoku addicts who need a new challenge. Written by Andrew Heron, Andrew Stuart, this book promises to teach you how to figure out how to complete a killer puzzle in 85 minutes or less!

If you find yourself breezing through most Sudoku puzzles without even breaking a sweat, then this is the book for you. Inside you'll find 236 of the trickiest, most demanding puzzles ever published, including several unusual variations. If you're up for a real challenge, get this book, pick up your pencil, and prepare to be perplexed!

Discover how to

  • Solve 126 super-tough 9x9 puzzles
  • Defeat 12x12 puzzles 6 included
  • Triumph over 16x16 puzzles 4 included
  • Vanquish jigsaw Sudoku 50 included
  • Conquer killer Sudoku 40 included
  • Master circular puzzles 10 included

Extreme Sudoku For Dummies is available at and

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