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Downloadable Sudoku Games

Games to download from the web to play on your computer or PDA.

Note: I have not tried any of these so make no recommendations. I would remind you however that before you download any software from the internet you should always ensure that your firewall is on, your anti-virus software is up to date and that you use all methods available to you to ensure the software is virus-free.

  • Sudoku Epic
    Generate sudoku puzzles on your own computer. Specify the size and difficulty. You can also enter puzzles from newspapers and have the assistant help solve them for you.
  • Sudoku Portable
    Standalone version of the popular Sudoku game that can be run from a USB key, iPod or a portable hard drive. As it runs off one of these devices, it leaves no traces behind on the computer it is used on.
  • Pure Sudoku
    The visually refreshing sudoku game with enough puzzles for a life time.
  • Sudoku Toy
    A Windows application that lets you generate locally minimised Sudoku puzzles, display them on the screen, and then print them out to solve on paper.
  • Simple Sudoku
    Makes high quality puzzles that are symmetrical, have a single solution, and do not require trial & error to solve. The user can also choose between five levels of complexity - from Easy to Extreme. Free download for private use.
  • Extended Reality
    Game for Windows XP with 10 difficulty levels and thousands of Sudoku boards!
  • Royal Sudoku 1.0 Download
    Royal Sudoku is a freeware game which is a complicated version of sudoku game destined for real puzzle kings. For Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003
  • Astraware Sudoku
    Download a free trial version of Astraware's Sudoku for Palm OS.
  • sudoku.4thewww
    An archive of 9x9 puzzles, 16x16 puzzles and Samurai Sudoku, Killer Sudoku and Killer Samurai Sudoku - 5 linked Sudokus. Also solvers for the puzzles and many other useful tools.
    Downloadable Sudoku Quest game with online mini version to try out.
  • Tealpoint Software
    Sudoku puzzles for the handheld Palm Pilot - 3000 different puzzles, three challenging levels of difficulty.

Sudoku Quotes and Tips
It's not just a puzzle, it's a work of beauty.
Wayne Gould, Father of the current Sudoku craze.

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